2019 Ford Fusion

The first time that Ford Fusion arrived is back in 2012, with Mondeo platform, so the prototype is rather old. With much better systems, the lineup is more effective and ready to make a highway distinction. By the time people are demanding enhancements on the model so the company decided to make a difference. This is among the very popular Fords models on the planet. So, no wonder why demand for 2019 Ford Fusion is high with new equipment in the mix. Improvements on the car are strong competition to other class models on market.

2019 Ford Fusion | Look   Pictures

2019 Ford Fusion Redesign

The new 2019 Ford Fusion is more likely to be bigger and more convenience. Consisting of American market where measurements recognize, it may be an issue for Europe. European platforms are smaller and individuals establish a practice to have smaller models. Ford will make small changes in shape and size to make a transformation for some units. Next to the exterior changes which are primarily enlarged, the real magic is inside the cabin. Many great products will exist, such as a combination of real leather products and fine black glass. LED lighting systems are set up in all sections from outdoors and inside.

2019 Ford Fusion | Top   Photo

2019 Ford Fusion Drivetrain

It is most likely that new 2019 Ford Fusion to keep the traditional engine, smaller size however with the effective transmission. The base model will use a 1.0-liter 3-cylinder gas engine with turbocharger. It can provide 160 horse power and 160 lb-ft of torque. The mix of 1.5-liter engine with 200 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque, is a more likely choice. It seems that both of these choices are coming, and will be available with front-wheel drive. We are still awaiting main confirmation about this.

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2019 Ford Fusion Release Date

New 2019 Ford Fusion is coming by the end of 2019 given that the last production is still in progress. Some speculations state that we can expect it in the fall or winter season next year. Cost is tentative yet, but comparing with previous models, base unit need to cost $24,000. What is not going to be a surprise, it that some more

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